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Innovative Road Transport Equipment, Repairs and Maintenance


Fruehauf's new trailer range includes totally customised trailers, as well as models built to our standard specifications.

Our capability extends across a broad range of applications, from small builds to HPMV units of 23m in length and 58 tonne capacity.

Gated curtainsiders, walking floors, sliding bodies, and specialised produce designs are among the innovative solutions we have delivered for our customers.  Read more about our innovations >>



Whether it’s a new model, or a variation on an existing design, our understanding of the regulatory environment ensures both compliance and productivity benefits are realised.

For customised equipment, our engineers work with our sales team and directly with customers to design a solution that suits your needs and application.



From design to production, we are focused on excellence in our processes. We contract suppliers of international standing for structural steel and all working components. 



Our paint and assembly craftsmanship is a key point of difference to the quality of the end product.

We welcome customers to visit the manufacturing plant at all stages of production. You will meet a team that takes pride in manufacturing trailers that are functional, high-performing and also look superb.