Fruehauf is a name that has been associated with quality, craftsmanship and dedication to excellence since its establishment in the United States back in the late 1800s.

This foundation continues to drive Fruehauf New Zealand’s commitment to research and development. We regularly attend industry events internationally to keep up with technological improvements. Our use of the latest 3D design software enables ease of testing of new ideas. But our practical knowledge of our customers’ businesses is also important to ensuring ideas will work well in practice.


We have been closely involved in the development of the High Productivity Motor Vehicle (HPMV) regulations. Our design, engineering and manufacturing facilities are working at capacity to enable our clients to take advantage of the benefits of HPMV.


New high tensile steel has enabled construction of longer units that have the same tare weight as their predecessors. The sustainability benefits include reductions in bridge and road load, fuel costs and truck journeys.


We are able to deliver “outside the box” thinking to add value to the specification process. With knowledge of the freight, the weight, the locations, and the wider business context, we will design a trailer that is able to deliver more than what is needed, achieving growth in productivity, and profits.

There are opportunities for bigger (B Train), lighter (Monocoque), or more versatile (Split Tipper) trailers and truck bodies, that can, for instance allow for transporting different types of freight.

Improved load / unload functionality is another strength. For instance, the use of hanging gates inside curtainsiders makes loading safer, while acting as a restraint for some loads, and enabling side loading. Application of walking floors has also advanced.

Please contact us to learn more about our innovations including: