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Fruehauf's product range includes totally customised trailers and truck bodies as well as models built to Fruehauf's standard specifications. With over 35 trailer and truck body models available Fruehauf NZ limited has the expertise and experience to meet every detail of a customer's requirements.

Live Stock TrailerBody details
  • 8.8m and 9.1 deck length
  • Air suspension with gauges
  • 19.5" Alcoa aluminium wheels
  • 19.5" Bridgestone R294 tyres
  • Double row ball race turntable
  • Stainless steel 1/2 guards
  • LED rear lights
  • 4 Side lights and reverse light
  • Double spare tyre carrier
  • Axles - Disc or Drum Brakes
  • Drawbar height and length
  • Painted in your fleet colours
  • 9.1m internal dimension
  • Steel floor - Multi position mezzanine floor brackets
  • Stainless steel toolbox
  • Structurflex dry freight curtains
  • Stainless steel 1/2 guards
  • Single spare tyre carrier (spare not included)
  • Modular air suspension
  • Alcoa aluminium wheels - Bridgestone R294 265/70Rx19.5 tyres
  • Led lights, 5 side lights
  • including top rail lights
  • Top lights on rear wall, Reverse light
  • Axles - Disc or Drum Brakes
  • Paint and curtain colour
  • Drawbar height and length
GENERAL PLATFORM AND LIVESTOCK RANGE A truly versatile range of full, semi-trailers, B-trains and truck bodies specifically designed to meet the demands of general freight and livestock carriers. The super strong chassis allow maximum payloads to be carried. The full trailer features a 14 tonne ballrace adding greater stability and allowing heavier loads to be carried. By fitting the effluent system and a stock crate these trailers can quickly be turned from a general carrier to a livestock transporter giving the operator year round opportunities to maximise their payloads.
CONTAINER RANGE  Offering full, semi-trailers and B-trains specifically designed with durability and strength to carry ISO containers and general freight. The trailers feature super strength chassis for carrying general freight and/or a container secured by twistlocks. Hi-Cube Container Platform Semi-trailer is specially designed with a stepped goose neck and removable steel upper deck to carry 9'6' ISO containers on a 1300mm height fifth wheel. The removable upper deck can be securely stored under the super strength chassis during transit. This trailer also features twistlocks for the carrying of either one 20' heavy or two 20' light containers. Container Skeletal semi-trailer - the container carrying specialist. This trailer ranges in height to suit 1100mm to 1300mm fifth wheels, has been designed to meet the growing demand for a super strong, low tare weight, high quality trailer specifically for carrying ISO containers. Offering a super strength chassis featuring high tensile steel flanges, this semi-trailer has the strength and durability to carry 20' light, 20' heavy and 40' high cube (9'6') ISO containers. All of these features give the customer the opportunity to maximise their payload.
CURTAINSIDE RANGE  A range of full, semi-tailers, B-trains and truck bodies for the cartage of general freight which needs added protection from the elements by using a waterproof curtainside body. The high quality curtains are made to the customers specifications and when fitted allow loading and unloading from either side of the trailer. The trailers feature a super strength chassis, and timber decks with rope rails to adequately secure loads.
BATHTUB AND TIPPER RANGE  The Bathtub - alloy and steel full, semi-trailer, B-train and truck bodies was introduced to New Zealand over 25 years ago by Fruehauf Trailers. Known for their strength, high quality and smooth internal sides, bathtub trailers feature a light super strong chassis for bulky heavier loads and offer greater stability when loading or unloading. The rounded corners allow for an easier clean out of a load. The trailers in this range have a long life span due to their robust construction and great durability. Tipping trailers, either full or split, feature a ply or alloy headboard, side panels and tail door with release mechanism and fitted grain hatch on a platform deck. Whilst the panels cover the length of the deck on the full tipping trailer, an area of the deck is left exposed on the split tipper to allow the carrying of general freight.
HEAVY TRANSPORTER The Heavy Transporter semi-trailer offers a 25 tonne concentrated load capacity, low tare weight and rear deck height of only 990mm, this semi-trailer is specifically suited for the transportation of heavy equipment. The super strong stepped chassis, timber and steel deck, and loading ramps make light work of loading and unloading heavy vehicles and machinery.

Fruehauf Trailers also offers a design and custom-building service tailored to customers' individual requirements.

Feel free to make contact with the Fruehauf NZ Sales Team at any time

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